Our Clients


Wynning Teams offers comprehensive professional coaching services for aspiring, active, and alumni sports performers, as well as, management consultation for the Pro Teams they serve.

In 2003 Wynning Teams was formed to help pro sports performers find great human satisfaction through teamwork, personal development, and create a more positive and professional working environment.

We are currently working with the National Sports Entertainers Association (NSEA) to replace the worn out idea of marketing cheerleaders as "objects" for the purpose of enhancing the sensationalism around professional sports, into a new, 21st Century view of sports performers as equal athletes and ambassadors.




We specialize in the Core Energy Process, developed by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Core Energy Coaching bypasses the symptoms and goes to the Core of any problem, by addressing the overall Energetic Attitude of an individual or team. It is this ever-fluctuating attitude that is either creating a feeling of disconnection or boosting high-level output in a person at any given moment. When leading with an energy of high engagement, any person or team is bound to acheive great things.