Aspiring: The Caterpillars

Even though public eyes rest on the on-the-job professional cheerleader, there is a journey to become one and then to transition out of the spotlight. We think of this journey as similar to the Butterfly's development and support you all along the way.

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Aspiring: When you first decide to tryout for a professional cheerleading team, to aspire to become a part of a professional sports franchise, you are like a caterpillar, constantly consuming as much "food" as possible. This "food" is all the information, all the basics you need to know that teams are looking for in their Sports Entertainment Ambassadors and Performers.

We offer our caterpillars:

*Prep skating classes specific to NHL and their minor league affiliates

*The Energy Leadership Index Assessment and personal confidence coaching for anyone auditioning in any pro sports league or their minor league affiliates

*Training Camp week specific to the NHL Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew that combines several skating evaluations, photo shoots, and a sort of "speed dating" between you and our current and alumni ice crew, as well as representatives of the Hawks organization and their fan base, to  mingle with you to get a feel for who you are and your motivations for wanting to move into "active" status.

* We also strongly recommend additional prep programming through