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Back in 2003, I created Wynning Teams to manage professional cheerleaders who either danced or skated, but also to put on a "pretty face" and create a personal connection between the fan and the sports teams that hired us.  I always did my best to give the dancers the best skills training, choreography, and positive reinforcement.

But more often than not there would be several team members who didn't quite believe in themselves or their abilities, no matter how positive I was in my interactions with them. And often I saw their insecurities be a direct cause in their continued forms of self-sabotage and in the drama that followed between team member relationships.

Something was missing and I realized I couldn't give it to them.  But maybe I could help them give it to themselves!

Growing up, it doesn't happen very often that kids receive direct training in building their own self-worth.  More often we are taught self-esteem is based on external results (like scores, grades, trophies).  We are taught that confidence is a product of experience - you can't be confident for no reason - that is naïve and immature! And sometimes our society is much more preoccupied with figuring out what is wrong then what is inherently right with a person.

I know now that self-confidence can be created from much more than just experience.  In fact, confidence can be created without any experience at all.  Ever watch a kid learn to walk for the first time?  What business does that kid have in being so confident as to try something that magnificent?!  Because she hasn't learned to doubt herself at that point in her life.

Has your life taught you to doubt yourself or to have self-confidence no one can take away?  Want to re-learn that confidence you had when you took your first baby step?  You'll remember, I promise!



"I'm proud to let you know that I've applied all that I've learned through my energy assessment :) big change in my life!! Thanks to you!"
-Melissa (June 2013)

"Just wanted to follow up and thank you again! I just finished auditioning this past weekend, and it was such an amazing experience.  I finally broke through a lot of my fears.  I made it through to the 2nd round, but was cut after the 3rd.  I was still very pleased with what I accomplished.  This was my first time auditioning seriously after getting back into dance.  I would like to continue to try to go for other teams…I can say I honestly felt it for the first time and it was a major breakthrough for me in my dance career. :) Thank you so much! I look forward to auditioning again!"

-Raji - 2013

"Hey Wynne just wanted to say thanks for yesterday, the expo was great and really helpful. You have such a great way of empowering women. Your positive energy and passion is definitely contagious! Just wanted to say keep up the good work because you are touching people's lives in such a positive way and I want you to know that! Hope all is well!"
-Lauren O (June 2013)

"I just got home from skating and there is so much that I want to thank you for and not really sure where to start - today was amazing.  I've attended the Expo's in the past and yet I still find myself learning something new each time."
-Jessica (June 2013)

"Thank you for giving this girl from Detroit a chance, and being so inspirational to me over the years. I can not say enough positive things about my experience as a member of the ice Crew. Love you lots!!"

-Becky (July 2013)

"Thank you for everything, Wynne. I could not have asked for a better experience at this time in my life. Without this opportunity, this team, and you, I would not have met this amazing group of people, grown and matured as a person. You are an amazing and gifted life coach. This team has been very lucky to have you. "
-Elyse (June 2013)