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BE YOUR OWN PERSONAL CHEERLEADER! Don't we all wish for someone to be a part of our daily lives who is uncritical and enthusiastic, filled with unconditional love, support and unwavering belief in our talents and abilities? This someone would fully understand us and want only for us to reach our dreams of winning in this Game of Life. In An Enlightened Cheerleader: Volume 1, Wynne Lacey provides in-depth advice on how to connect to your own personal, inner cheerleader..... (read more)

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TESTIMONIAL for "An Enlightened Cheerleader"

For those that know me well, know that I am not one to promote a book, because they rarely appeal or engage me so. But this, my new bedside bible is now a stable foundation for the life I wish for myself. Wynne Lacey, for those who know her, has spent many a year in the public eye and has observed females in the professional world. Her reflections noted in this book are life changing. Being one whom has been in the spotlight as a pro dancer, this book opens your eyes to what ...lies beneath all the glitz and glamour. What I never took into account was myself, and what my inner self was and truly meant. Even through years of working with Wynne and hearing some of her values and wishes for her teams and women alike, her words really drive it home in this book. I, after reading this, have the drive to find the pure joy in my inner self. I want people to know me for my soul n beauty in the inside, not just the outer beauty that pro dancers are know to hold n maintain. I want to thrive, not just survive. This book is a guiding light... Not just for women in the spot light, but for all women! It's an honor to know this wonderful woman, as she has been a role model, sister, coach, and wonderful friend in my life that truly anyone's life would be enriched to be in her presence.Her book itself is the inner cheerleader that will give support to that woman out there that is buried beneath all the false beliefs of beauty and lack of identity and confidence. Every woman should read this book. -Katie K - Feb, 2014