Audition Preparation: Private Hockey/Figure Skating Lessons (Limited Group or Individual) - Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Skating Skills for Sports Team Skating Auditions

These individual or group lessons are specialized for skaters who have never participated in competitive skating activity, received formal figure skating/hockey training or trained skaters who just need a review.


These lessons offer a unique, accelerated learn-to-skate curriculum specific to newer and/or unaccomplished skaters presented only by Wynning Teams or those wishing to brush up on their skating skills.


We teach under the premise that there is no such thing as "weak ankles" - just weak equipment so anyone truly can learn audition skating skills with proper fitting skates and commitment to practice.


Rates range from $20 - $60 per hour contingent on amount of participants.  After we receive your online registration, Jill Karsten will contact you directly to schedule your group or individual lesson schedule and rates.  Lessons conducted at various rinks.


  • Skating skills  covered: Stopping, Basic Skating, Shovel Handling*, On-ice Presentation
  • Audition tips covered: General & Insider Tips
  • Video analysis *New this year*: Video Analysis & Evaluation

Class Price: